Runway Expansion Program

Airfield Lighting Vault

In conjunction with extending Runway 12/30 and associated taxiways to the northwest by approximately 1,900 feet, and relocating the threshold for Runway 30 by approximately 900 feet, the Gary/Chicago International Airport is constructing an attached building housing electrical equipment (switchgear, constant current regulators, airfield monitoring/control system and stand-by power generator to feed the expanded airfield lighting and signage.


Work under the Airfield Lighting Vault Project involves:

  • Foundation work

  • Building erection

  • Electrical, mechanical

  • Control system

  • Duct bank

  • Site work

  • Other miscellaneous items related to this project

Advertise for Bid                         March 9, 2012

Bid Opening                                 April 5, 2012

Recommendation for Award       April 23, 2012