Master Plan

Gary Chicago International Airport
FAA Approved Plan

  • Extend Main Runway
  • Acquire Land
  • Improve Runway Safety Areas
  • Railroad & Power Line Relocation
  • Improved Navigation Aids
  • Improved & New Passenger, Aircraft Maintenance & Cargo Facilities
  • Approach Zone Improvements to the Southeast
  • Air Space Available for Three Runways.

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Airport Build Out

  • Extend Cross-wind Runway
  • Potential for Third Runway
  • Incremental Build-out Plan for Central Terminal and Parking Facilities
  • Single Location for Air Passenger, Bus, South Shore & Amtrak Passenger Station

GCA Opportunities

  • Tap into Huge, but Currently Restrained, Chicago Aviation Market Demand
  • Create High Quality Job$
  • Airports are Economic Development Catalysts